Our commitment to you as a new client:

After 23 years of building a better mouse-trap, the exciting part of being fast & reliable, bringing depth to you & your organization, and being committed to you and your people is our unwavering passion around your satisfaction.

We’ll tell you what… if we don’t meet your expectations during the first six (6) months of your initial Managed Service Statement of Work (SOW) and you choose to move to another provider, we’ll pay for your transition.

Point of clarity; in the event you feel the need to call us on our guarantee during the honeymoon phase, the transition reimbursement is capped at the total amount you’ve paid Entech, to date, for integration services (“Integration Project/SOW”) at the time of termination. We think you’ll agree that’s fair.

Please click the link below to find out more, or speak to your Business Technology Advisor.